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Tobias Kling
Hallo, I am Tobias!
Until I got the idea to organize internships and language courses, I first did my civil service and then I studied Trade management. While my study I completed internships in English and Spanish speaking countries. Beside London I went to the beautiful Argentine city Córdoba and to Madrid. That is why I know from my own experience how dificult it is to find an internship in a foreign country. Beside my work as managing directors of Internships-4U.com, I import Mate Tea and other South American products with a small team for all Argentina fans.

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Oliver Schneider
Tobias and I made our internships together - however in different enterprises. To learn a foreign language, to gain new experiences and to get a view of a foreign enterprise - that were the main reasons for me to do an internship abroad!
We would like to pass on our experience and make it also possible for YOU to do such an internship experience. You will see: It is worth it!
As a managing director of internships-4U.com I am in particular responsible for the university contacts and the public relations.

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Jimena Caelles
Me llamo Jimena! I come from Argentina and my native language is Spanish. After my Business Studies in Córdoba (Argentina) I lived and worked a while in Madrid. I live in Germany now since 2001. I am in the Internships-4u.com from the beginning on and I have plenty of good tips for your staying in Argentina. My job at internships-4U.com.com is to organize internships and language courses in Spain and Argentina.

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Florencia Caelles

My name is Florencia.
My native language is also spanish and I was born in Cordoba, Argentina, where I studied Architecture. I worked as a spanish and music teacher. Since 2001 I live in Germany and it feels like home here. I am also in the internships-4U.com from the beginning on and I am specialized in Latin-America: Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico. If you have any questions about internships, language courses or places to stay in these countries I am the right person to talk to!

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Kathy Halisch

Hi, my name is Kathy and since January 2008 I have been part of the Practigo-Team.

After I finished school I spend some time in Great Britain working there. Afterwards I worked for an airline in Germany. Having booked so many flights for others I decided to buy a ticket for myself and I set off to travel around the world for 8 months.

Back in Germany I went to university in Cologne where I studied to get a diploma in translating (English, Spanish, German). I spent the past year working on a Greek Island in a seminar house.

I also completed an internship in Spain and therefore can give you good advice about how to organise your own stay abroad.
At Practigo I am responsible for internship placements in English –speaking countries and I look forward to giving you advice on your journey to my favorite countries New Zealand and Australia or Canada.

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Santiago Caelles
Hello I am Santiago and I work for PractiGo in Alicante, Spain. I currently also study Business at the University in Alicante. I lived in Argentina for fifteen years and I had the opportunity to learn German in Bremen, Germany. I love travelling and learning about new cultures. If you are searching for international experience I am the right person to contact. I have worked as a customer advisor at PractiGo since January 2009 where I am able to use the knowledge I have gained through my studies to help organise the perfect internship.

Cristina Gonzalez
My name is Cristina and I originally come from Valencia (Spain). I always wanted to live abroad and get to know other cultures. In 2003 I moved to Mainz (Germany), where I lived for five years. My stay in another country was a great opportunity to discover my passion for languages. In addition I gained great experience on both a personal and professional level. I have also collaborated with the Valencia student association organising summer programs at Mainz University.
At PractiGo I am responsible for the students interested in internships and language courses in Spain and Latin America. I am looking forward to helping you find the right internship or language course.

Gema Torres
My name is Gema and I am from Spain. During my schooltime I realized tha I like languages a lot. So I enrolled at the University in German Philology. During my study I escaped to Germany for the summer months and after my graduation I lived a couple of years in Germany. Once I returned to Spain, I wanted to extend my studies and did a postgraduate course in Foreign Trade. The combination of knowing languages, international experiences and Foreign Trade have opendes the doors for me to be a part of the PractiGo-Team.



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