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How would it be to do a practice in South Africa’s third largest city? Cape Town is near Johannesburg and is the third biggest city in South Africa. Since 2004 lodges the South African parliament. Cape Town was the first colonized city, therefore is considered as the mother of South Africa.

This city is located southwest from South African republic, between the Atlantic Ocean and the tableland. Cape Town is South Africa´s symbol. With a practice in Cape Town you will admire the incredible beauty of the Tableland. The skyline of Cape Town integrates the Tableland, Signal Hill, Lion's Head and Devils Peak making this city famous all around the world. The lake in the half-island of Cape is not very famous. Well known as “stormy cape” it is located 50 km south from the city. Their slogan is “The only city in the whole world that is between two oceans”. Nevertheless it’s not correct. If you would like to do a practice in Cape Town, you will find facilities to travel during the weekend. .


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