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Ireland is a small island located off the north - western coast of Europe. There are international airports located on the east, west and south coasts with regular flights to and from London and most European destinations.
Ireland's scenery and mild climate allow visitors an endless choice of leisure activities. These sports and leisure activities act as the perfect complement to learning English and offer further valuable possibilities for improving language skills.

The vikings

Cork is Ireland's second city and capital of the ancient province of Munster. It is a small city with a population of 150,000 and a compact city centre. Yet, is has all the facilities of a modern city, as befits its status as the commercial, cultural and political capital of the South. The city's name is derived from an Irish word meaning "marshy place", referring to its situation on the River Lee. Cork has a reputation for independence running from the times of Viking invasions to the Irish Civil War, which has given it the nickname of "the Rebel County". It is usual for Corkonians to refer to Cork as the "true capital of Ireland".


Cork is located on the South Coast and is accessible through Cork international Airport and Ferryport as well as through an excellent Bus and Rail Network departing from all major Irish Cities. It is you ideal base for learning English and exploring Ireland and its culture.


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