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Large city in Alberta

Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is situated in the south of the province, in a region of foothills and high plains, approximately 80 km east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. As of 2005, the estimated metropolitan population (CMA) was 1,060,300 (see Calgary Region). Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the third largest city (proper), by population, in Canada. It serves as the hub of the fifth largest Census Metropolitan Area in the country. It is located within the relatively densely populated "Calgary-Edmonton Corridor"[1]. It is the largest Canadian metropolitan area west of Toronto and east of Vancouver.

Winter sports!

Regarding to its features, Calgary is well-known as a destination for winter sports and ecotourism with a number of Major Mountain resorts near the city and metropolitan area. Calgary's economy is largely centred on the petroleum industry, with agriculture, tourism, and the high-tech industries contributing to the city's rapid economic growth. Calgary now has the second highest concentration of head offices in Canada. Calgary also holds many major annual festivals, including the Calgary Stampede, the Folk Music Festival, the Summerstock Festival, the Lilac Festival, and the second largest Caribbean festival in the country (Carifest). Calgary was the first Canadian city to host The Olympic Winter Games (1988).
About its weather, Calgary's winters are really cold. However, Environment Canada still ranks the city as having the 3rd most temperate climate in the country (of major cities) after Victoria and Vancouver. This is due in large part to the dry Chinook winds that routinely blow into the city from the Pacific Ocean during the winter months. These winds have been known to raise the winter temperature by up to 20°C and may last several days. The Chinooks are such a common feature of Calgary's winters that only one month (January 1950) has failed to witness a thaw over more than 100 years of weather observations.

Diverse city

Calgary's urban scene has changed considerably since the city has grown. It is also starting to become recognized as one of Canada's most diverse cities. Today, Calgary is a modern cosmopolitan city that still retains much of its traditional culture of hotel saloons, hockey and western music.


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